ERC Roofing & Solar Services
Roofing, Orange County, CA
Design, Installation, & Management of Roofs

  • Traditional
  • Sustainable
  • Green
  • Cool
  • Solar

ERC Roofing & Solar Mission Statement Our Mission
ERC strives to be an employee-oriented, full-service, environmental roofing company that exceeds every customer’s expectations through commitment, trust, value, experience, and reliability.

Our Vision
ERC Roofing & Solar is known for professionalism, quality and dedication to our clients.

ERC is committed to being the leading provider of:
  • Renewable
  • Sustainable
  • Innovative
  • High-tech
  • Quality
Roofing systems that protect our customers' assets and the environment.

ERC's Latest Projects
Tranditional and Solar Roofing Projects
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